Smart Lock-easy & safe
It can open with fingerprint, password, card, app and key.
It will send alerts if someone is forced to open the door by using hi-jack fingerprint and timely feedback unlocking information on App. 

* Processor: ZigBee MCU
* Zigbee wireless standard: IEEE802.15.4
* Power Supply: 4x AA
* Interface: Optical fingerprint entry/Touch screen password input panel/Doorbell/Concealed mechanical keyhole/Emergency external power supply/Tamper alarm device
* Voice navigation: Chinese & English
* User management: Support user input/ edit/delete data
* Unlocking setting: remote unlock by APP/Temporary passwords can be set by App/Disposable passwords can be set by App/Record & view unlcoking information/Trigger alert by using hi-jack fingerprint when hi-jack


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